Medical Center INTERMED

These are modern medical facilities that were created with a view of comprehensive care of the patient, starting from the initial diagnosis of the health issue, through in-depth diagnostics, outpatient’s clinic treatment, surgical procedures, and monitoring health in specialist clinics. At the INTERMED Medical Center, we will help you by providing the best treatment conditions. This is ensured by a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists.


The INTERMED Medical Center consists of two facilities.


One of them is situated in Krakow at Rydlówka Street 44 (in the vicinity of Rondo Mateczne), and it has been operating since 2009. In 2018, to meet the expectations of our patients, we have launched the Medical Center in Zabierzów at Krakowska Street 317, where, additionally to the specialist clinics, the treatment room and an operating theatre are situated. Thanks to this, we can provide each patient with comprehensive care and assistance in quick recovery.


Our doctors improve their skills at home and abroad. Specialists from the INTERMED Medical Center publish articles in prestigious scientific magazines, they are often lecturers at scientific conferences, in Poland and in Europe. Such continuous development of knowledge allows our physicians to manage patients in accordance with the standards of acknowledged global scientific societies. INTERMED is an organizer of national and international courses - raising qualifications of doctors. The services we provide at the highest global level are reflected in the opinions of our patients:


"A great man and an excellent surgeon. He restored the efficiency of the hand in which, after sonovectomy of my wrist 20 years ago, I almost completely lost my mobility. Damaged rectifiers, scars blocking movement, broken tendons, squarings - generally speaking, it was a disaster! Fortunately, doctor Bonczar was recommended to me, and he undertook a hand operation with a great result, for which I am eternally grateful to him " Ms Agnieszka.

"I'm a violinist. 7 weeks ago I broke a ring finger of my left hand. As of today, the finger is fully functional, I’ve just made a test - I am able to vibrate it, trill it, play fast passes without any pain or weakness. I owe all this to the invaluable doctor Mariusz Bonczar. I recommend this specialist to every musician, he is the only doctor who treats musicians as a separate category of patients and knows how important hands are to us. If it was not for his approach (he took off the splint, he put on the stabilizing wrap), today after 7 weeks I would have had a contracture and a disabled finger and I would have had to go for a two-year rehabilitation without any hope of improvement. The doctor is worth all the money !!! “ Ms Agata.

We invite you to use our services. We provide paid services. Additionally patients, who have private health insurance of the following Insurance Companies: Allianz, Compensa, Inter Partner Assistance, Inter Poland, Medicover, PZU Pomoc, Signal Iduna, Medipartner, may also use our services.